Friday » Loving you always. I lost your addy, wifeypoo.
Candy » *hugs*
Friday » Use Contact Me to send me your email and I'll send my phone number. It's about to change again since we're going home. Love you!
Friday » Thinking about you lots today. Still lovin' you, wife!
Friday » Love you, girl!
Fallenmaples » just dropping by to say u are nt forgotten dee.hugx. take care and hope that u are doing well.
Candy » you crossed my mind today - just thought i'd drop a quick hello in case you still frequent around here. Much love and hugs....
Friday » miss you and love you still, wife. *Mwah!*
Reesa » miss you.
genmaxx » hi there this is genmaxx! i miss blogging and i miss y'all my blog friends! hope to hear from u again soon!
Friday » thinking of you <3
fallenmaples » i miss u dee.dropped by ..hoping against hope that u will be here once again.pls take care.hugx
geordae » just stopping by the page looks a lonely hope to see you on here again someday
blifme » i miss you dee. Hope you're well. *hugs*
Name » Message
Name » Message
wailfulrhyme » hey. i never knew you very well. but once in awhile i come here to read your stuff. just thought i'd leave a tag this time.
>!ShAwN*< » hey very nice blog!!!!!!
Name » Message
Christina » Happy Mother's Day! *hugs*
Your wife » love you
Geordae » hope your doing okay.... talk to you later
jr » cool blog
Rowan » Wonderful site Have I been here before, I can't remember....
Seige »
Seige » I finally arrived here!
blif » Happy Easter dear Dee. Miss you sooo much. Love ya!
Christina » Happy St. Patrick's Day! *smiles* I was gonna pinch you but I see green!
Friday\'s Child » missing you, wife
doctordoug » Happy March 14th...
Jen » We share a birtday. Peace out!
blifme » *HUGS* Love ya!
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Christina » Hi Dee! Have a wonderful weekend! *hugs* xoxox
doctordoug » Just Hello again...
blifme » Love ya sweetheart *hugs*
logtar » Hello
Reesa » i heart you. :*
Christina. » Happy Valentine's Day! xoxox
blifme » Happy valentine's Day love... *muacks* Love ya.. BTW, you got mail *mwahugs*
Angel Tears » Hope you are doing well Dee. *Hugz*
blifme » love ya~
Christina » Just dropping by to say hello and that you're missed. *hugs* xoxox
blifme » thinking of you sweetness...
doctordoug » {even bigger wave}
Friday » I miss you more than ever and love you more than that. XOXOX I'm so glad for your visit. You're in my mind and on my heart, always!
doctordoug » {big wave}
blifme » MIss you hon.. i really do.. *sobs* hope you and your family are doing fine *hugs*
Reesa » i hope your holidays went well and that you are doing good. i miss you! xoxo
doctordoug » Still in our prayers for a better 2005 Dee.
Sabra » Happy New Year, sweetie! xoxo
Christina. » HI Dee! Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. Hope it turns out to be a brighter and happier year! *hugs* xoxox
Bliffy » Happy new year hon *smooches*
Melly » hope you had a great christmas
Reesa » Merry Christmas! :*
Christina. » Merry Christmas to you and your family! *hugs*
doctordoug » Merry Christmas Dee... You remain in my prayers...
Angel Tears » Merry Christmas Dee!! I hope you are doing well!! *Hugz*
venisha » stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!
blifme » Hey darling heart, Merry Xmas *hugs* Hope your xmas will be great With love to you and yours..
meiyuen » kool layout
Christina » Just a quick stay to wish you a wonderful weekend! *hugs*
Friday » My precious wife...I miss you so much. You know you hold hostage a piece of my heart. I love you, love you, love you and I'm still here for you. ((((Kissess Dee)))))
blifme » leaving some love, hugs and kisses~
Christina » Hi! Just passing by to wish you a wonderful weekend and to let you know I made a lil something for you. xoxox
geordae » just stopping by to say hello havent been here in so so long i hope your doing ok. talk to you later bye..
Reesa » hugs
blifme » Just passing by to send some love your way. *hugs*
Christina » Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! *hugs*
blifme » Just dropping by to say that i'm thinking of you. Love ya and miss ya.. *mwahugs* Hope everything's fine..
Christina » Just passing by to say hello and hope you have a wonderful weekend! *hugs* xoxox
chantelle » WOW... your spider stories are INSANE and i linked them up on my site. i was once bitten by a brown recluse - a deadly spider...
Christina » Just passing by to wish you a Happy and Safe Halloween! *hugs*
spoon » hey im spoon
Friday » Been away myself but have missed you even more so since I wasn't able to tag. I love you still - more than you know and I'm here for you. *kiss*
X_x » cool blog.
~!Laila!~ » i like blog!was blog hoppin)(tag)
blifme » I miss you I miss you I miss you!!! Hope evrything's fine hon. muax muax hugs hugs
bliffy » thinking of you hon. much love and kisses...
Rachel » hey i like your blog it very cool
Candy » Just thinking of you Dee... I hope that everything is going okay for you.... *hugs*
bliffy » {{BIG HUGS}} and love..
Christina » Still missing you! *hugs*
doctordoug » Hey Dee...
Reesa » Sending hugs your way! xoxo
blifme » Hey hon. Sorry it took me this long to thank you for the birthday card you sent me. I miss you so much. Hope everything's fine *HUGS* Much love to you... ::kisses::
Name » *hugs*
Kelly » Thinking of you and missing you!! *hugs*
morbid_emo » cool blog.
Sabra » Miss you so much...thinking of you...xoxo Susan sends her love
Angel Tears » Hi Dee, miss ya and I hope things are getting better for you!! *Hugz*
Christina. » Hi Dee! Missing you and hoping you're doing well. *hugs*
doctordoug » Just Hi
Sabra » Sending you much love...and many hugs. xoxo
Candy » Thinking of you sweetie...My prayers are still with you.
doctordoug » Hey Dee.
julie » thinking of you!
Kelly » *hugs*
Reesa » Love you! xoxo