Entry: Toodles Mar 26, 2004

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Melly and Just Some Girl
for taking it upon themselves to discuss my private life and share
it with others..

I hope you both have pride in your lives...
and a consciences that is snug and well preserved.
I'm sorry but i don't play "highschool" you all can continue
to live your lives wrapped up in yourselves and
your gossip and rumour mill bullshit..
... And be thankful that this has been brought
to my attention during such a crucial and sad time
in my real life...Not!
I have no desire to ever be involved with any of this nonsense nor an
in an online community where the greatest need is too feed off another and
then willingly share private information with people about them,
especially during a time of great weakness in their lives,
You people disgust me...
I won't be blogging on a personal level here after this post
as not only do i have no need to  but now i have no interest in doing so..
just to be ridiculed by two women whos own lives, morality and issues
far outweigh those of anothers.. How dare you both feel your that fucking
important  that you are even worthy to discuss my personal life 
with not only yourselves but others..
I have no concern nor care for what anyone thinks of this post, 
I have been nothing but admiral,
respectful, honest and helpful to both of these people to only find out that...
they in return have abused this,  trust and extended arm of friendship...
In my world if you swim with sharks you bound to get bit..
if you dont wanna get bitten then get the hell out of the water...
This is me climbing, onto the boat to say goodbye!
BDInsanity will stay open with me helping in the background..
no staff changes will be made as the two blogs are on a whole different level...
i have no resentment towards anyone involving this, i have spoken my peace and
said what i needed to say...regarding these issues..
and i just feel its better for me and my personal blog to be elsewhere..
Good luck to you all,
Many of you will hear from me when i am re-established...

There is also...no change in my mothers condition at this point,
i truly do extend out my gratification and sincere appreciation to
all of you who have offered the smallest of concerns and care...


Love Ya....................Mean It


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June 4, 2005   09:29 PM PDT
Hi... Just blohopping. Sorry to hear about those people...
March 10, 2005   11:56 AM PST
Woah we are born on the same day and month, that rocks.
July 26, 2004   03:39 AM PDT
Sorry to hear about your mom dee....
I'll be sending my prayers out to ya...
June 26, 2004   04:44 PM PDT
Exactly three months since the last entry you posted and you are still missed as much today as you have been since that day. Love you sweetie, and thinking of you & your family always...xoxo
June 3, 2004   12:34 AM PDT
Hello Dee. Sad to hear about those people. But I guess you are strong enough to get over them.

By the way, are you interested in having your blog hosted on my domain? :-) If so, just visit my link. If not, it's okay. :-D

Take care...
June 2, 2004   03:57 PM PDT
I don't know you, but that...that's...omg..People actually did that to you?!?! But you seem so nice!!
May 18, 2004   10:30 PM PDT
Dee- I have only recently started reading your site so I will not claim to be as close to you as these other folks. But I can tell by what I have read and by how Friday's Child speaks so highly of you that you deserve better than all this. I will keep you and your mom in my prayers. I am sorry that people could not respect you.
April 23, 2004   08:06 AM PDT
I am praying for you and your mom. I am very sorry and send my sincere sympathies to you for everything that is going on. I am lifting you up to God - and I pray that he brings a miracle to your life. I admire you for being able to go through this with such courage.
If you ever need anything - someone to talk to - I'm here for you. May God wrap his arms around you and fill your heart with grace.
Remember, he loves you truly - and so do I.
In His Love,
April 18, 2004   03:35 AM PDT
hey chicka!
Just a note to say I'm thinking of you... and will drop you a line if you resurface some other time.
April 11, 2004   01:21 AM PDT
Jeebus, DeeDeeRamoana. I miss yaz. You & yours are still in my prayers. Peace & hope to you, my friend.
April 10, 2004   10:12 PM PDT
Heya hun, I don't really know you that well per se, but the fundmental thing is that no one needs to have their dirty laundry aired in such a manner, and you're within your rights to say so. Hugs and Luv, my thoughts are with ya.
April 1, 2004   06:26 PM PST
i don't know you that well yet dee but i know how hard it is to be worried about a loved one day in and day out. my thoughts go out to you and i hope you find the strength---both for yourself and for your mother---to get through everything.

i'm also sorry to hear about whatever the problem is with people talking about you behind your back. that just plain sucks.
what else is there to say?

-britton (xaos)
sarah :]
April 1, 2004   02:12 PM PST
Hi Momma Dee!

This is your second baby girl... This is my second time tagging you and I am very sorry for not being a good girl to momma... You can beat my backside for being so naughty :(

I have been keeping you and your family in prayers... I agree with Christina... Please do keep in touch with all of us that admire, respect and love you... You are a very strong and courageous woman and momma to me...

Sorry momma, I do not have AIM like sister Blif does... BUT, I still love and miss you a lot... Do keep in touch... Quick quick quick come back and blog momma...!!


P/S: Whoever bullies both my momma and my sister, you better watch out! I will definitely kick your arse... *grrr... bwargh*

Your Baby Girl #2 :)
Miss Ginger
April 1, 2004   10:51 AM PST
Hey Dee, I can relate, lots of people suck. Fortunately, the ones who rock make things seem that much better.

Hang in there, sweetie. I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

Angel Tears
April 1, 2004   12:09 AM PST
Dee I'm sorry to hear you go, and please get in touch with me when you have chosen a new blog spot, cuz I have always loved reading your journal. Your family and you are still in my thoughts and I'm still hoping for the best for all you!! *Hugz* You will be missed by those of us that DO apperciate you!!
March 31, 2004   10:06 AM PST
I am new to this whole thing, but I still think that I should give some advice. I think in a weird way it is better that you find out what people are like... I know it hurts now but later on you will gain a deeper understanding of relationships by going throught this. The most important thing right now is your Mom, whom I will be praying for. Take care.
March 29, 2004   03:25 PM PST
Just thinking about you Dee. Hope all is well. I miss our old days on Excite... everything must come to an end I suppose. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Much love,

March 28, 2004   08:56 PM PST
Hi Dee. I was just reading your post and couldn't believe what those people did to you. But i have been there myself on several occasions. people like that have no lives of their own so they feel the need to stick their nose in someone elses business. I have only spoken with you through a couple of messages, but when i did, you were such a sweet lady. I would love to keep in contact with you. you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. i know EXACTLY what you are going through. if you need to talk to someone, feel free to email me at colleensden@msn.com
please take care and i hope to talk to you soon. http://colleensden.com
J. D. Nelson
March 28, 2004   08:33 PM PST
Hi Dee! I'm truly sorry that some people have to be smelly socks! You are a talented writer and artist & hopefully you know that people appreciate you, your creations & your mind. I hope we will hear more from you in the future! Sending you bubbles of white healing light... ----->

J. D.
March 28, 2004   03:14 PM PST
Some people need the feeling of false realization and those two women who were desperate enough to need that feelings are disgusting.

I don't know the details about your current personal situation, but please know that my hopes are with you and your family. Know that you're loved dearly and you're never alone. :)
March 27, 2004   06:21 PM PST
HOW DARE THEY! *is indignant*. I'm in highschool and I don't even act like that...actually I never did. Gossip was never one of my favorite passtimes, really.

what terrible people; How insesitive! I'm truly discusted that they are cheeky enough to comment while you're dealing with your mother's problems and everything. but please don't stop blogging! i enjoy reading your personal thoughts so much, and you know that 99% of us are grown up enough to respect everyone on blogdrive...these are just isolated cases. I would ignore them, because that's all they deserve. their ignorance deserves only ignorance to their presence. It's the best slap in the face you can give them. You're only making them happy by stopping something you love.

Bottom line. Thay are jerks. Period. they do not deserve this attention. They do not deserve the time you spent blogging about them. F*ching Arses aren't good for anything except smelling other peoples shit. Yes, they are that low. I feel for you Dee.

March 27, 2004   04:09 PM PST
sorry for ya,... you are still in many prayers and will remain.
March 27, 2004   12:20 PM PST
:( i may not be in this tightly bounded frienship with all the other BDI members. But im sincerely saying this from the bottom of my heart. U and ur family will always be in my prayers. Huggxx...thanks for offering your hand in frienship to me.it truly warmed my heart and brought colors to my world. i'm sory that those thoughtless people are treating u this way.Hugx
Fridays Child
March 27, 2004   10:15 AM PST
Everything I've needed to say has already been said but I wanted you to know how deeply sorry I am that this is happening. More importantly my heart is with you always in thought and prayer for your mother.

I love you, Dee, and will ever love you.
March 27, 2004   09:38 AM PST
I just don't know what to say other than I'm in awe as to why people feel the need to be like that. Just so immature.
Hang in there and know that you all are in my thoughts! *hugs*
March 26, 2004   11:28 PM PST
You and your family will be in my thoughts. If you ever need anything, feel free to contact me and i'll do what I can.
March 26, 2004   10:29 PM PST
I'm so sorry that their are such immature people out their to toy with you and yours. It's a tragic emotional time for you. I'm not sure I know the full extent what the "others" have done, but I will keep you and your family in my prayers. {{{{Dee}}}}
March 26, 2004   09:10 PM PST
Btw, I am no longer blogging on a personal level her either. It feels awkward, and I don't like it at all. But I know with people like Jsg in my life I have no choice. I know you'll bounce back and find a good solution for you. Just don't stop blogging! Find someplace you feel safe.....
March 26, 2004   09:05 PM PST
Oh gosh Dee. I thought the drama had stopped. Please know that you are your family are still in my thoughts and prayers. If you still have my email you are welcome to use it and I hope you do. Take care hon....((((hugs))))))
March 26, 2004   06:49 PM PST
Holy shit love. You have my email if you need me. I'm still thinking good thoughts for your mother...luv ya!
March 26, 2004   06:28 PM PST
I will truly miss you very much. I will keep you, your Mom and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep me posted on how she is doing. I pray a miracle is given to you. I would like to keep in touch with you if that's okay. Please don't lose contact with those of us that admire and respect you. I don't know the whole story, but I do know that you've always been a sweet and wonderful person and that you've treated me with respect, and when I'm given respect, I give it in return. I'm here for you anytime you need me. I'll just a click away. Hugzzz Luv ya Hun! xoxox Take Care!
March 26, 2004   05:32 PM PST
Keep me posteda bout your mom if you can - and want to. I'm sorry some folk treated your wrongly. It sucks. Big time.

Hang in there, I'm rooting for you!

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