Entry: I Say..... You Think! Mar 21, 2004

  1. Wife:: Sooz
  2. Criminal:: the cost of dentistry
  3. Campaign:: Trail
  4. Infection:: Plague
  5. Portland:: Oregon
  6. NASCAR:: Bobby Labonte weeeeeeeee!
  7. IMAX:: @ Mosi: nascar "now showing"
  8. Martian:: Marvin The Martian "My Fav Toon"
  9. Nike:: Just Do It
  10. Trial:: & Error.. "how I learnt Graphics"
brought to you by the wonderful mind
of Unconcious Mutterings


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March 22, 2004   11:35 AM PST
Mama, I downloaded it. It's a zip file, so when I wanted to extract it ... it said that there's 'no file to extract'. What do I do now?
March 21, 2004   08:16 PM PST
lol... "an attachment you screw on the bed comes to mind lmao"
March 21, 2004   08:06 PM PST
I thought #1 was a curious word to start with - I'm not even remotely curious to know what other people answered. LOL

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