Entry: Beauty & The Beast Mar 18, 2004

Today I ventured into the garden and sat on the lawn chairs,
relishing in what my garden offers the world that lives beneath its glory..
The peace and tranquilty i felt from just sitting there is so wonderful..
My eyes begin to take in the warm hues of what spring has to offer
in the wake after a somewhat colder then normal winter..
A squirrel sat watching head to one side, eyes staring at me as i sat less then 2 feet away.
he  scurried downward from his branch to get  better view and then watched a little bit longer
before deciding i wasn't a threat. He scampered to the grassy lawn and grabbed something from its depths raced back to his homeward stairway, and then climbed to a small fork where he sat

nibbling on his new found food source..
I sat and watched him as he nibbled with frenzy-like zest, whilst he also watched me as he ate..
The birds hidden from my view within their tree-home folliage, chirping away with songs from their hearts,  are so beautiful i could listen to them all day...
A small breeze fluttered by gently brushing against the leaves, causing my windchimes to melodicly join in with natures song masters..
Lizards "mostly annoles"  wandering around
the tropical leafy enfolds of the small garden beneath the front windows, would stop and stare every few seconds,
then race onward to the next leaf looking for a perfect basking spot,
so they too could relish in the warmth that nature had to offer them...
A spider zinging about in his small web as the breeze too caught him offguard..
After the sway he starts repairing the small break that had occured from his unexpected "spiderly earthquake"...
A butterfly flits by.. then swirls through the air catching the breeze
as it too seems to be enjoying this warmth and beautiful moment, It then starts moving ever so gracefully barely touching upon any of the foliage beneath, It seems to be dancing to the glorious sounds of what they day has brung..
I sat for a good 45 minutes outside in the world of of glorious beauty,
absorbing everything that seemed so at peace with itself, only to watch it all leave in the blink of an eye when ambulance sirens less then a mile away caused unrest with mother nature, I too looked up from my moment of peace now disturbed, by human intrusion...
I sat for a few more seconds and decided as had mother nature,
that "those sirens" were rather annoying and I was going back inside my home to escape the disagreeable noise that was getting louder...

It was nice in the garden,
I really enjoyed rolling my toes beneath the blades of grass and seeing what escapes my vision just about every day..
"The beauty and wonderment of what nature truly has to offer us.."

What a shame my moment had been interrupted...
Ohhhh well....................... theres always tomorrow..

Love Ya............................Mean It


May 3, 2004   12:16 PM PDT
no comment
March 29, 2004   04:39 PM PST
March 18, 2004   03:44 PM PST
What a perfect moment...I'm still waiting for that kind of moment to arrive here, with 10 inches of new fallen snow all that I can see for now. It's been a long, very long winter!

You described it so perfectly, it felt like spring here for a moment :)


March 18, 2004   03:32 PM PST
That's beautiful.... except for the interruption part!
March 18, 2004   02:34 PM PST
I only wrote this so you would have something new to read seens your stalking my blog.. LOL
"however" its all true and i do enjoy what I'm lucky to have, my own front and backyard, to lose myself and thoughts in...
March 18, 2004   02:32 PM PST
i know ya mean it..teehee..i wish i could sit outside and look at a backyard..currently its still a bit chilly and i only get a view of the parking lot from my balcony..*frowns*

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