Entry: Because Love is what drives me and Driven I was.... Mar 18, 2004

I was so in awe of the most amazing person to have entered
my life in a very long time today...
Susan aka Fridays Child and I met here Mid last year-ish and  we fell in love...
Not in the sense we want to jump in bed make babies
and live happily every after kind of love, 
But one that which allows us to be who we are,
one that has enabled us to be accepting of one another,
no matter what our faults. To be there for one another no matter what our pain,
without the insistance of irritation, or overbearing attention...

We have struggled in both our lives, neither worse then the other,
both of us have suffered and together we now stand tall and proud,
we've accomplished so much and now we have found in one another
a bond we shall take to our graves, and then to the otherside...
If one of us goes to hell & the other to heaven, i'm sure 
"the cloud and lava phones" will be as hot too trot as ours are
in this existance...

Together we have conquered grief, love, anger, hopelessness, 
frustration illness and then some..
and yet It fails to be obvious to even the sincerest of us all,
that the bond we have is something that comes only but very

few times in a lifetime.. If your unlucky you may never experience it at all..

I dedicated this layout as a tribute to Susan's inner beauty,
I feel Davinci captured the essence of women so exquisitely...
However...knowing how amazing and giving she is...
If he were alive today and Susan had her portrait painted by him
Its hardly even imagineable that as talented as he is could even he,
completely capture all that she..is and all that she can and will be..

She sent me The Davinci Code, as a gift from her heart to mine,
with the most adorable handmade "Personal Card"...
I wept for hours just because i have never been so touched by someone so special..

The  basis of the new look here and this tribute is all about Susan
Shes an amazing women, that cannot be equalled...

In the spirit of Art,
Your heart and soul,
The Book and Our Loving Friendship...
I dedicate this to you,
With much love, admiration and respect...

Thankyou for making this somewhat depressing journey I am riding right now,
A little bit more bearable,
you have inspired me and again left me speechless by your actions..
 I love you....


March 20, 2004   10:42 PM PST
I don't know that I could express my heart. I once wrote words such as those to a friend. I miss those wonderful, magical, love filled days.

You two hold on to each other, ya hear? :o)

**hugs** to both of y'as.
March 18, 2004   10:14 PM PST
Aww! You two are so GOOD together! It's good to see!

Got Eek to bed late and went on a surfing mission going through everyone on the list...I walked in here and was agog at the beauty! It's very pretty. Got a little deja voo, too..I redid my layout on the main page this morning and used a graphic Tony had sent me when we were dating in the header...it's Da Vinci's "Sketch for the Angel"...
Friday's Child
March 18, 2004   02:27 AM PST
My dearest, most loved friend,

It is I who am left speechless but attempt to convey what dwells in my heart I must.

I have tears in my eyes - tears for the pain and fear you are going through now mingled with tears of joy born of knowledge of a love that knows no bounds - the love of a friend who has become as much a part of me as my own soul.

You're so right when you say that it is a relationship that comes seldom in a lifetime if at all. What we share inspires us both and at times seems nearly other worldly to me. Is it a coincidence that I lost the greatest love of my life last year (my mother) and then came you - teaching my heart to be open, willing and how to love and be loved once more?

You write so eloquently about our friendship and I agree with every word. When you write about me what I am and will be ... I think to myself I want to be the me seen through your eyes. If I do shine as you say I do it is a reflection of the love you give so graciously and unconditionally.

Dee, all the things you write about me? Those are the things you are to me as well. At this very moment I am so touched, my heart is swelling so much that it is pressing against my throat and I can barely breath. I can't find the words to tell you how deeply you've touched me and how profoundly you've affected my life. You honor me and I am grateful for the friendship that we share.

Whatever it is I give to you I promise you it's only a fraction of what you've given to me.

Whatever life hurls at us we will face together.

I love you, my incredible precious friend and ever remain your Susan

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