Entry: I'm Truly Humbled - Thankyou Mar 13, 2004

I have been so humbled by EVERYONES wonderful emails, tags,
and comments and how wonderful the blogging community can truly be..
I have tried in vain to respond to most of you
and thank you but as you may know my and my family's
lives right now are in turmoil and i'm pretty much glued to Australia via phone.
For those i haven't been to yet..Please know not one of you has gone un-noticed..
I shall try to get to you and thank you for your kind words thoughts and prayers,
You all have no idea how appreciative I am and how deeply moved
 I have been by everyone.
Some of you i am unable to contact as there were none left for me to follow:
and to you people I am so very greatful, you have shown to not only myself
but others how wonderful and kind  we all can be..
I am stumbling for words as i am overwhelemed with not only grief
but also love and warmth, thanks to you all..
I have passed on emails of well wishes and prayers to my family
who are all amazed at how incredible my blogging friends,
aquaintences and even strangers have been.
They send their very best wishes and thankyous
and are also as truly humbled as I have been.

So far I have recieved over 100 emails and candles  have also been lit
in my mothers honour as well by others..Such a wonderful gesture.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Theres truly no amount of words i can show you all at how truly honoured,
blessed and thankful I am for everything you have all offered me and my family
as well as being so very appreciative of all your prayers, thoughts,
kind-words, gestures, hope and love...
I can only say Thankyou and offer you my heart and hugs in return.
I have never been so inspired nor humbled by people and You are all wonderful people..
Again I thankyou deep from within..
Bless you All

Love Ya..................................Mean It

From My Mum to you all:

Dear Dee,John and Aidan,
I was so touched by your email, and the candle lighting,  I just don't know what to say,
please tell all your friends I am soooo grateful and give them all my love. I am just amazed at how many wonderful friends and family I have, and how amazing your network of online love and friendship is, it has helped me to find the strength to fight this as hard as I possibly can.
Thankyou so much xxxxxx


March 16, 2004   12:29 PM PST
Dee I was tore up when i read this and your mamma's post. I am so sad for you and your family. I shall pray and have you put on our church prayer list. Keep strong, god bless you all. And if you don't mind i will send out a candle on that link for your family too.
God bless
March 14, 2004   10:14 PM PST
I can honestly say that your entry the other day both killed and revived a piece of me that I'd long since forgotten about.

You have my condolences, you have my prayers, you're mother has my prayers, you have my admiration, you have my respect, have all that in me I can possibly give another person which I knew will never be enough.

We have never met, but a piece of me is with you now. You're amazing, Dee and I know that life will one day regain its color. (Or colour for you Aussies. right?)
March 14, 2004   05:21 PM PST
Dee ...

You have so many wonderful friends and acquaintances because you attract only the best with your kindness and love. We're all here for you and your family and tell your Mom that she'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, as will you and your family. Her email was so loving. Hugzzz xoxox Luv ya! xoxox
March 14, 2004   02:34 PM PST
Go Dee's Mom!!! We're with you all the way. Dee, you and yours are still in my thoughts. Do me a favour and enjoy something that makes you happy.
March 13, 2004   08:58 PM PST
Dee. All my wishes.
March 13, 2004   08:14 PM PST
aww why am I just seeing this?!?


I'll light a candle for you tonight. I'm so sorry honey..
Yell if I can do anything.
March 13, 2004   10:24 AM PST
Awwwwwww that note from your Mum is wonderful! Will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!
March 13, 2004   09:58 AM PST
*tears* dee i love again my prayer and thoughts are with you and yours
March 13, 2004   09:18 AM PST
It is heart warming to see an entire community respond they way they have. You inspire that in others, Dee.

Your mums email made me cry ... she's a pistol and I see where you get it.

We're going to love you and through you, love your mum through this, honey.

Angel Tears
March 13, 2004   04:22 AM PST
Oh Dee, I'm crying again!! That entry was so sweet. And I still hurt for you, knowing the pain you feel. There is no need to thank all of us Dee, because that is what friends are for, to be there when you are going thru the hardest of times and to help you stay strong, whether we only know you thru online or real life, friendships are one of the strongest things in the world. As the quote says: 'Good Friends will laugh with you in the sun, but great friends will be there for you in the shade. I know, its corny, but I have an obsession with quotes and felt that one fits this comment best!! Stay strong darlin, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!! *Hugz*
March 13, 2004   03:04 AM PST
See? Everyone loves you, Dee. Heheh.

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