Entry: Mind Hump & Other Stuffage Mar 10, 2004

After much thought, I figured i would do the mindhump even though I'm really drained and not in the mood for it...
"Nothing against you wifey" but u and I both know the reasons why..

Before that though heres a wee irish-type update
for those inquisitive enough to meander through:

The Wissy teeth hell....
I'm still painfully toodling along and have 4 more days until I get to see the dentist about the nerve damage in my face... I hope its only temporary, but then knowing my bloody luck it may not be, all i can do is think Postively..

With so much DRAMA around blogdrive lately, I wonder why i want to be a part of this community at all, it just seems to get worse and people really need to shutup, grow-up,
and mind their own frigging business.
The layout fighting of which i have no desire to comment on and I shan't, but it has tarnished an innocent parties blog "who is away on holies" and that sickens me more then anything,
I feel sad she will come back to profanity and more on her tagboard
about a subject and issue she has no clue about..
Some people make me physically ill with uneccesary bullshit!

Other issues of late:
Email from the new nazi moderator of whom is so power trippy and hungry he lets being called "1" name affect him for days on end like a 6 year old who got called a sook in the playground for crying when he fell.. Trying to force other moderators into making themsleves known as mods "stupid to say the least"  who cares whos a mod or not, the whole  thought process is mod the tagboard so idiots don't over-run it with overindulged profanity, spamming and so forth.. "not useless lighthearted bantering nor anything else, that simplistic.."
this is not grade school... its a tagboard on the fucking internet!"
Cant handle the heat  get the fuck out of the kitchen..
"its simple too me"
But don't start harassing and emailing other moderators and telling the how they should be doing their jobs... and yup i still hold to my honesty in the name i called you.. "you are a Moronic Mod"  their name i have withheld simply because i cant stand email
and I myself know if i make them known, that is what I'll end up with..
"for stating how pathetic they truly are!"
being a moderator is one thing being a powertripper is another, your not good at either, just a poor mans attempt at being something your not!>>stop mailing me and piss off!

To more dramatic issues that really are either personal or not worthy of a place on my blog tonight..
I was called controversial today because i refuse to let anyone brow beat me with their sterile and simplistic views, I was also basically told i am hated on the main tagboard by everyone who hangs there, then i guess I'll hang there more and be hated more...At least "thats entertainment" for you haters and it gives you something to all email or tag or message each other about,
where would life be without us "hated ones"

Now onto Mind Hump Day....
Created this week by my wife at  BDInsanity  go there if you dare, and join in the fun...

If You Could:

1.  If you could live your life as a cartoon character, which one would it be & why?
"Marvin the Martian.. because I'm fascinated with anyone who uses a broom as a helmet and, Its the "kaboom" factor for all I know or anyone else knows, that could be the orgasmic solvent of the universe!

2.  If you could be invisible for 24 hours how would you spend those hours?
HMMM .... In the whitehouse while bush was there, because i wanna prove to myself that he did indeed lie to all of us about those weapons of mass destruction we never found...and see for myself why hundreds of our soldiers have bene killed and are still dying!
3.  If you could call a much younger you on the phone, what would you tell you? Chocolate Reeses have peanut butter in them .. Don't Bite It!!!!
4.  If you were one of the Seven Dwarves what would your name be? (excluding the original names of Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Happy, Bashful, Grumpy and Doc)
Mookie, its the name of a stuffed bear I named and have had since I was 3!
5.  If you came with a warning label that was clearly displayed at all times, what would it say?
Night-Time Feeding Only, 
Hazardous Vocal Material Please Don't Push Buttons!

Love Ya..................................Mean It

holies = vacation
wissy= wisdom teeth


March 10, 2004   11:36 PM PST
I too hope the nerve damage is only a temporary thing! *fingers crossed and good vibes*
Wowsers on the rest! Gee am I glad I'm not a part of that mess. It's childish and just down right mean to say the least.
Angel Tears
March 10, 2004   11:28 PM PST
You have a code/link at the end of the side section for 'Web Pages referring to this page within the past 24 hours'. Would you mind if I used that idea on my blog? I like to ask people before I use an idea they have cuz I don't want to offend them or anything. Lemme know please and thanks!!
March 10, 2004   10:35 PM PST
Thank you for the little shot of respect ... I do appreciate it and of course I understand. Everything that had to be said was said this afternoon. As always you know I agree with you, not because I worship you mindlessly and agree with you to garner points but simply because what you say is true.

People have been incredibly selfish, inconsiderate, self-seeking, self grandizing, narcissistic, jackasses with a "big fish in a little pond" attitude. It sickens me as well and to tell you the truth at one point it literally exhausted me ... that lasted for about two seconds until I reminded myself it wasn't worth it.

People are blurring lines, crossing lines, losing their grip on reality and what their priorities should be -- they are making feverish attempts to make other people miserable. At first I was miserable but now it's just annoying -- like a gnat buzzing around my head.

You know what I say ... no more coddling, no more hand holding, no more velvet gloves, no more being emotionally blackmailed and ... dare I say it ... anyone who doesn't like it can kiss my happy ass.

As for your health and well being I think of you every day and send positive thoughts and energy your way mixed with a healthy dose of love.

I love you, darlin heart.

March 10, 2004   10:02 PM PST
Love your Marvin the Martian reference. I could almost hear him... "Oh dear". Hahaha.

Some people spend far too much time spewing hate. I'm not sure what they gain from it.

I hope your dentist appointment goes well. Take care, Dee. *hugs*

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