Mar 7, 2004
So I am Alive, Big Deal!

Well i am alive, not going so well but Alive none the less..
as they say "Big F-ing Deal"
I don't have alot to post about seens i've spent the better half of the week in bed or in hospital..
Other than that....
i'm about sick of mushy food and soup.....fed up with pain, what more is there really to say.

I don't even miss Blogdrive, Actually............ i shall rephrase that..
I don't miss the people, drama and bullshit here,
After the bitching i just witnessed on the tagboard,
and that Miss Helpee had to actually say something to stop the crap from getting out of hand,
then watching all the mouths go running off to do real life things (suddenly they had things to do),
It really dissapoints me that these people have nothing better to do then piss off other people for "kicks"
Lifes to damn short for that kind of crap!
I don't miss the shitload of email i have about "NOTHING" from people with no lives who want and expect things from you and yet they are the same people who get on a phone or in email/private messenger services  with someone else and talk trash about you constantly,
(are we all so sure of whom we talk too that it won't come back to bite us on the arse)
and I sure as hell don't miss the apprehension of trying to please everyone especially these arseholes..
In fact: the few people i do miss "know it" the rest  blahhh, your all fake and not worth my energy or even a top thought in anything i post..
Yep i'm in pain and pissed at the world..
Nope i don't blame anyone here, I blame the dentist actually..hes a prick!
But with that said and given the chance to think things over about the people here..
Some of you make "the worst criminal's minds" look like friggin angel's "thoughts"..
Your very sour, overly needy, depressed, lying, schizophrenic, hypocritical, drug popping, freaks..
(and thats being kind)

In all honesty i have seen a few of you over the last month or so completely show your true colors, for who and what you really are and  I for one will not be having anything to do with you, your bullshit, jealousy, lies and so forth..
Isn't it amazing how a week in hospital and bed makes you really think things through and things are really so much more clearer than they were a week ago.
Personally i think its time i closed chinwaggz and opened a new blog that no-one except a select few will even know about..
I just can't stomache you fake, clingy, lying,  two faced, people anymore...

On a lighter note...
Melly.."congrats on your marriage to Reesa" sorry i wasn't ermm .. at the ceremony..
Had i not been indisposed i would have congratulated you sooner...
Also had I been well enough and had I even remembered,
(shame on me - i just had lots to stress about on Tuesday) 
You would have gotten this sooner...
Enjoy it honey.. I tried  too make her dress like yours..
its not exact and its not as perfect as I would have liked...
but in all honesty... unless i begin it again i cant make it any better..
I may venture to redo it another time...

"Mels Wedding Dolls"

click on them to open/right click to save...

Love ya........................Mean It!

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  4. Demon::  We all have them
  5. Digital:: Art
  6. Ceremony::  Funeral
  7. Research::  Aids Cure
  8. Career::  Path
  9. Penis::  Male Brain
  10. Film::  Photography

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Mar 4, 2004
and then some

so i sit here well.. i'm more on a slant then an actual sit,
i'm taking percocet for pain but that has unable to stay inside my body,
I spent 8 hours at the hospital last night,
its amazing how fast one dehydrates when they vomit every 20 minutes for over 12 hours..
with nothing inside their body except bile to come out..
The worst feeling is that nauseating smell that never seems to subside,
no matter how much you wash spray and wipe.
So now i am home again and i have bruising and holes in my arms that just shouldn't be there..
I had 4 wisdom teeth removed and 1 molar, and aside from the obvious vomiting which they say was a reaction  to the stuff (the name escapes me) anesthesia  they give u to do iv sedation,
the percocet is morphine based "i'm severly allergic to morphine"..hence my non ability to take it for the pain..
I await in anticipation hoping they will prescribe me something else for the pain..
But until I can keep water down i am unable to take anything. I'm home..
i begged to post on my blog so "sooz" would know how I am doing.. and here my thoughtful hubby is holding me up as i type like a maniac.. he offered to type for me, but "i cant talk" how would he be able to type my thoughts...
I cant talk ..not just through the pain but because i have wrenched my throat to rawness because of vomiting all night.. Sad as i feel for myself , i am more inclined to now know why i have always been in desperate fear of the dentist..
Yes I made it and went through the 3hour surgery..
(i have a deep sense of pride in myself for this feat)
 i have no understanding of why my wisdom teeth were being so stubborn, nor why they had to up the anti and pump much more "drug" into me then is usually required.. but finally after the struggle of it all they are out... The dentist happily said, your wisdom teeth are wise, my dear very wise, they  did not want to let go of 35 years of information..
I tried to laugh and instead coughed up blood with a pufffy "somewhat" smirk on my face...
My husband saw me and had that terrified look on his face, the only time i've seen him do that previously was during our son being born and when he had his heart attack..
I know i'm not the only person to have ever gone thorugh oral surgery and yet i feel like i am about to die, the pain is overhwhelming....
the tears haven't stopped streaming since i fisrt laid on the chair.. and the panic i feel is  insane..
I'm home from hospital "rehydrated" hopefully i can get fluids into me and maybe even eat something.. "soggy" i'm hoping soup or creamed rice, at this stage its been 36 hours since i was able to eat, and its been 32 since i have had liquid..Well thats the update..
Sooz i love you and I'm sorry i cant be around for you..
i know your still unwell and  you need rest and support too.. 
I hope to be back soon.. "pending my ability to drink and eat without further issues"..
If i must venture back to hospital or anything happens i will call you..
Miss ya honey
To everyone else, thanks for your love and support its always been appreciated and always wil be...
Love Ya..........Mean It

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Mar 1, 2004

I get sent a couple of emails now and then, about my knowledge of Animalia..
Its weird really considering I'm no more knowledgeable than the next guy...
I just wanted to be a vet for so much of my childhood life, that i read and studied animals frequently...
Almost as much as  a prostitute rakes in money "in Reno"...
With some of my studies and  reading  i discovered breeding habits that were "weird" if not amazing in the animal kingdom.... i also found out certain aspects of their anatomoy were indeed, very different even how one would percieve them..

Stand On Your Own Two Feet!
Certain rats when aroused cannot stand on all fours as their penis's are much larger and longer then their legs..
Once aroused the rat must stand on his hind legs (upright) to be able to stand..
"obviously this is ok considering they stand the same way to mount the female for intercourse"
So Ladies...
The next time you hear of some guy being called "the rat"
or "rat" ... LOL you know why.. "wink"

Hold Onto Your Crown Jewels Boys!
The male honeybee is the most "Explosive" Lover...
When the male honeybee ejaculates, he explodes and his genitals tear from his body with an audible snap. His body falls to the ground, but his genitals remain inside the female, preventing her from mating again—an extreme form of the chastity belt.
"holds up the key.... come get it "

Discrimination....Whats That?
The Atlantic bottle-nose dolphin seems to have the discrimination act down pat.. i mean theres absolutely nothing or no-one they won;t .. err.. BONK!
These Dolphins have been recorded trying to copulate with seals, sharks, turtles, eels(!), and even humans. Small wonder that they engage in homosexual activity of various kinds, and also masturbate.
Lucky lil critters all that...
and they even have an ability to create vibration in their throats.. "sigh"

Who said Size doesn't matter?
 Fruitfly Drosophila bifurca has the largest sperm "for it size in the world"
This fruitfly is only three millimeters (about one-eighth of an inch) long from the top of its head to the end of its abdomen, yet it produces sperm that are 58 millimeters (2.3 inches) long.
If a human male made sperm on a similar scale, they would be as long as a blue whale.
Now that would create a problem for swallowers!!

Screw Me...."pop"
A male pigs penis is the shape of a corkscrew
and a females genitalia is also the same shape to enable the male entry..
No-one knows for sure whether or not its a counter clockwise or clockwise motion for entry and withdrawl..
However we do know that the male pigs orgasm lasts (omg) 30 minutes..
"now tell me theres not something wrong with this picture"

And you thought A Tablespoon was a Load...
The Right whale has the largest Ding Dongs of any animal that has ever lived, with a combined weight of one ton and big enough to “fill a small car"
Right whales practice “sperm competition,” in which they try to wash a competitor’s sperm out of a female whale by pumping in gallons of their own.
Talk about Double Douching! lol

Penis Envy.. Not Bloody Likely!
Penises—structures that deliver sperm to the female's reproductive tract—
have evolved in countless variations.
In sharks, the penises (male sharks have two) are rolled-up pelvic fins.
In spiders, the penises (again, males have two) are modified parts of the mouth.
Among seahorses, however, it's not the female who receives sperm,
but the male who receives eggs.
The female has evolved a phallic structure with which to deliver
her eggs so that a male seahorse becomes pregnant.

The female spotted hyena has a pseudo-phallus—
a grossly enlarged, fully erectile clitoris—
but why this is so is a mystery.
The male and female genitalia look so much alike
that for many years the spotted hyena was thought to be an hermaphrodite.
"Trannies in polka dots.. how cute!"

I'll post more once your mind gets over these lil gems.....
I mean..... really!!!
 What was god thinking letting a pig have all the damn orgasmic fun...

Love ya...................................mean It

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Blogosphere Rating/Oscar Wins!

Woo hoo go me....
not that i'm one who searches for this kind of thing but...
I had an email form a friend sent to me tonight that says I am rated #27
on the top 100 webblogsat Blogsphere!
Congrats also to Blogdrive for being #4 on the top 100 All Sites list!
I didn't know there was such a place nor that i was being rated for anything..
Who'd a thunk it!
Well all i can say is.. thanks to those who rated me/visited whatever it was that has me on their list:
I'd like to thank my mum and dad for their........

"holds my Oscar lovingly.."

Oh wait,... N/M  wrong fantasy...

Speaking of Oscars and acceptance speeches...
Congrats to Peter Jackson and co.
for all the LOTR Oscars Including Best Director & Best Picture
Also too
Reneee Zelwegger: For Best Supporting Actress,
Tim Robbins: For Best Supporting Actor,
Sean Penn:  For Best Actor'

and my big hopeful and favorite actress for the night,
Charlese Theron: For Best Actress..
"woo hoo"

All nominees were worthy but I truly feel Those who won definantly deserved it!

Heres to another year of fine movie making, and more actors doing more excellant work...

Love Ya......................... Mean It

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Feb 29, 2004
All Aboard The Pee Bus

I have pretty much decided being the fact we are about to enter Leprechaun month that i'll keep march "almost" seriousness free.. however i am not promising that this will happen.. If something bits my boob, i'll be telling ya  ALLLLLL about it!

The adventures of Trish and Dee are adventures of ours that we have often thought
Gosh  if we told people these stories, 99% of them would think we were great "tall tale" makers,
but indeed,  we are not... these stories are all true of our adventures...
During our "single and not so single dating lives during the 90's in Perth-Australia"

This story involves several other people,
who's names i will change for their own privacy...

All Aboard ...."The Pee Bus"
another Trish/Dee Adventure

As some of you would know, I was a huge kareoke "entertainer" now i say entertainer because i really am not that great a singer.. sure i can hold a note ot two and not sing out of tune or flat, but my "value" was my ability to entertain and make Light of "singing" this pretty much takes away the "lack of raw singing talent" i don't have shining through.
Its actually how Trish and I met.. "at kareoke" but thats a different story...
Trish use to have a band in England and she sings cabaret for a fairly big production company in Perth..
she has a voice like Aretha Franklin mixed with Patti Labelle,  and yet she looks somewhat like Bette Midler..(same size bazookas)lol
she has a strong poweful voice and shes fabulous at singing, she also has the "on stage presence required " to hold an audiences attention...
Togther we were like the Laurel and Hardy of the kareoke circuit,
I'm all sillyness and fun  and shes all " seriousness and fun"
Now in this kaeroke of my male best friends Dazza and also my and Trish's 3rd muskateer (or wheel however u view it) friend "Bronnie" were also "kareoke geeks"
Dazza and I would do alot of duo-production numbers together,
Trish and I would do alot of Soul things together and other fun things...
and then Bronnie Trish and I would all do " The - Abba" thang!

We use to go to kareoke at least 2-3 times a week "for me it was more like twice a week as my job didn;t allow for "too much of it" however i also worked for a kareoke gig on fri-sat-sundays forawhile being the sidekick for a friend of mine.. John! We'd take kareoke to country towns and pubs who didn;t get to use it very often and let them let their hair down and cut sick with a microphone..
Alot of the time we'd drag Dazza and Trish along  for "extras" so we had a bit of a performing team if the towns-folk were a tad shy and no-one would sing right away..(usually after a few beers ya couldn't shut them up)

We also all did a thing called "starz in your eyez" where a few times a year we'd do a gig for Mal and Linda and we'd have to dress up in costume and sing songs to an audience of people...
Usually they were between 500-2000 people in the audience at a variety of "these gigs"  for clubs (like lions club) etc etc..
This story pertains to a production we did for American and Australia sailors at their "Officers Club" at Garden Island, south of Perth!
We had to hire a bus for the "performers and their dates (each of us could bring one partner to the "shin dig"..Naturally Trish and I were going through a single phase.. well really I had a fight with myb/f the week before and told him to not bother calling so technically i was  not single but.. in my mind at the time, "I was" ~ actually if You must know, i never did get back with him after this event, because he was so disgusted by what I did, that  he decided my "don't call me ever again statement could stay true"~, but we'll get to that..."later"
This particular show Dazza and I were doing "grease duo songs together, then a sonny and Cher song together" Trish and I were also doing 2 abba songs, with Bronnie doing background harmony.
Trish was singing in the "chiklets" during the whole program with her (2 co-stars ) that was always part of the starz in your eyez.. Dazza was doing 8 neil diamond songs including a duo with Trish "playing- "barbera streisand"
Bronnie was doing a solo act Michael Jacksons, Billy Jean and also "The way you make me feel"
And i had my solo act 2 madonna songs were i got to get all raunchy..Holiday and Like a virgin"..
I dunno whenever i sang that song i always felt like throwing the crowd condoms..mainly because mal always wanted em to do it, i didn;t actually like the song and he was just a sleezoid who liked seeing ya in the "cones".. "Howeever tonights gig i was going to do just that.. toss out condoms... just to piss him off" lmao
Naturally "no-one except Trish Bronnie Dazza and I knew..." She was gonna come on just before the end of the song as a virgin "in wedding gown and start tossing them out..
of course their were other performers, ranging from  The Beatles, Elvis, too Patsy Cline and Joan Jett..
The night moved along fine.. Trish, Dazza and Bronnie got into the "drinking scene" as always and i spent most of my offstage night flirting and chatting up some cute american officer from Kansas, who i might add, had the softest damn lips i'd ever .... errr  ..anyways..."yeah they were soft"

It was almost time for the my madonna song, i was getting into the pointed boob costume when dazza bounced into the dressing room with "shit Dee!!!", "the damn condoms we bought are all "ribby" and different colours"
i said ...."what!!!!"
he said "they have dimpley things"?
I said..." dimpley things?? wtf are dimply things?"
He proceeded to open the Connie wrapper and OMFG lmfao they were dimpled alright, (this one was also bright pink) we'd bought 4 dozen ribbed coloured Connies with nodules that were very upraised and bumpy.. they looked more like  penis thimbles..then a ribbed condoms..
"for that extra special sensation" rotflmao..
Bronnie who was helping me get dressed started laughing  "shes a snorter"
i was beside myself.. I said oh well.. really theres only about 100 "oldies" that could be offended..Bronnie snorted i started giggling  stupidly..
Fuck them.. I said... lets have fun"..
he started laughing and said "ok, let me  go finish helping Trish with her dress... and load these into her basket and yours..
I laughed "all i could imagine was Mals face ...  as condoms were flying through the air..he was going to be so pissed with us,
but yanno what "it was "Sailors" lmao they have a sense of humour ... "right"???
Bronnie was snorting more and said .. lmfao ya think they'll use them, we both started roaring...

So onto the stage i went.. singing "holiday" with bronnie and Ethan backing.. (Ethan does the hip hop version backing vocals ) then i go into "like a virgin" and i'm getting all raunchy doing the famous madonna pelvic grind much like "elvis" just more.. yanno "grind"..
I'm almost to the last section when out comes Trish looking like a big fu fu marshmellow, actually more like one of those toilet roll crocheted dollies that sits snuggly over your loopaper on the back of the dunny..
She floats out with that "tirsh smile then starts laughing.. i lose control of the song and start laughing too..  she then starts tossing out "the Condoms" while I ad lib my way back into song..
i then get given my basket and i too start tossing them out..
People are diving to catch them,  "I swear they thought they were, mints or something.. we toss like rabbits breeding and then as the music lulls.. we back off the stage.. baskets empty to loud applause, gasps and mortified stares lmao...
Mal comes flying into the dressing room cursing up a storm at me then rushes out to the stage to do some "Pr mending" lmao
We hear him.. saying "well folks as you know you never can trust a woman wearing a wedding dress or even more so one with cones  stuck to her chest.." However we hope you enjoy your free" errrr "sample"
then he intro-ed the next act, all flustered and riled lmao...
Bronnie and i were laughing as hard as hell while Trish was stripping to get her "finale outfit on" lmao mal comes in and demands wtf we were doing, and how dare we fuck up his show...
I responded its ok, Mal i'm sure Linda "his wife" won't be too upset if she actually feels your penis for the first time in years while your wearing one.."what color do you think will turn her one more.. and I hold up 3 connies" he turns red with rage and screams you little bitch!!! at me..
he was soooo  livid and told me i couldn't be in the finale act,
that i was  a disgrace to his "starz in your eyez" show...
I was like ok no problems Mal...I packed all my crap into my suitcase piled it with the others for the bus already packed and went out into the crowd with my long jacket now on - covering the madonna outfit.. that because of his outburts I hadn;t had time to change out of... I was hot but pissed at his lame reaction to a somewhat amusing lil prank..
Hell most of the people were blowing them up and  having a blast with them..
"even the Old ducks"
I stood towards the back of the room near the performers bar/ and chair section ready to cheer on my  friends and still have a good time..
Linda (mals wife came up slapped me on the arm/friendly like) and said..
" that was the funniest thing i've ever seen at  our shows, you two surely livened this place up...
pay Mal no mind at all Dee, hes just sore he didn't think of it .. "
we both giggled and she ran off to get ready for the finale... 
 The sailor I had been chatting up came over and  handed me the condom  he had caught and said.. do i wear this or do you?
we both laughed then watched the rest of the show..together.. flirting and talking...
However we had to say parting goodbyes.. we kissed... traded contact numbers.. and he re-board his ship.
After the show we had  to do the - after dinner drinks with the "highest ranking officers and other VIP's..
Free Liquor, Champagne and and Horsie- Doovers..( hors-d`oeuvre's) were walked around on trays and they relished in "all the VIP treatment" weirdly enough softdrinks weren't on that agenda so i had to keep going up to the bar for drinks..
 After a time Trish and i decided to go to the toilet and OMG they had been Locked... all the toilets in the Club were locked, and no-one had a key to undo them.. Then i remembered the Dressing rooms had toilets we took off for them but alas they too had now bene locked up...
I guess the "cleaners" hadn't figured on  the after show party...
After about 2 hours (bladders nice and full) we had to get on the Bus bound for Perth, its approximately a 1 & 1/2 to 2 hour trek from Garden Island to the drop off point, so we all boarded the bus, some of us had brought small esky's (ice coolers) with take aways (beers, wine coolers, Udl cans etc) for the trip home.. they had been left on the bus for the duration of the night..So they were now nice and cold as even though it was our winter  the ice hadnt melted in the eskie's much either.. I had brought mysefl two cans of coke and a small bottled water.. and Trish had 4 beers in "our shared cooler"
We sat on the bus, midly uncomfortable at this stage, "but not enough to be squeezing the legs together or anything so we didn't pee" uncomfy
so we figured "bugger it" we'll sit back drink and have fun by the time
until  we get dropped off
we'll be fine there was a toilet at the 24 hour macdonalds right across from the drop off location...
( the "gang">> me, trish, bronnie, dazza, doogsie, ethan, michael, and nobby) were all on the back seat laughing and carrying on as usual...
 it was us that always began the usual on trip antics or other such thing in times of boredom so...
Once the  bus took off Dazz stood up started singing "we are the champions" and then we all started singing .. song after song were sang together for this part of journey home...

35 min or so later..
Bronnie leans over and says.. I need to piss so badly its hurting..
I'm in agreeance and said "but i think my  bladder just shook hands with my larynx.."
we both laughed and crossed our legs "lol"
10 minutes later Trish started complaining..
then.. Dazza..
then Doogsie and so on..
I stood up and rang the (its my stop) stop bell..
"the whole bus laughed" it wasn't serious lmao..
I.. rang it again..
"more laughter"
then i'm pressing and "NO - DING"
the bloody bus driver, had shut it off...

Finally i stumbled down the aisle legs together like  i had just gone ten rounds with a guy with a 20 inched penis.. Omg i was hurting..and it was showing..
I leaned into the bus driver and said.. Ummm
you have to stop this  bus WE need to  tinkle  BADLY...
the bus was on the freeway.. 2 gazillion Saturday night travellers . swishing by every few seconds.. and he said " I cant stop here its the freeway...
I said pleaseeeeee.. just park it in the emergency stop lane and  let us tinkle...
he finally agreed..( i think he was just sick of my begging and pleading) and pulled the bus over...
Now there was only one issue with is.. Where on a freeway with not so much as a "stray leaf" much less a bush or high grass could you tinkle without being seen...
Men are less inclined to worry about such things, but us women we have to like ...yanno.. squat and pull down panties etc...Its much less convenient for us .. not like guys who just unzip hang it out with their backs to the bus.. spray a line  shake 3 times zip up and they are done..
"which the men all did quite happily and with no..Mishaps or problems.."
After the mens spray and was the ladies turn... so we all stood on the side of the road starng out into the center wondering How the hell we were gonna do this..
So I said if we sit right up the rear of the bus and tinkle the only people seeing us would be passers by.. but if we go in pairs then the other 4 can be like "a hidey wall from the cars travelling.. so they don't see much..everyone agreed that this would be a good two ladies (names i don't remember) went first.. then Linda and Linda.., then Bronnie and sammi.. finally it was Trish and my turn.. the other four women had left us four to fend for ourselves.. which was fine by me..(i'm wizzy shy anyways) then as I was about to squat i froze.. and stopped...
This was the one thing in life i never did as a child..and HAD NEVER done as an adult.. if we took long treks and we needed to pee and we were say in the middle of nowehere like the nullabour, dad would pull over and everyone would squat.. but  i wouldn't squat, i was always sacred something would bite my wizzy or my bottom.. so my dad used to hold me in the air  while i tinkled.. "lol"
So what if something got me.. "irk!!!"
there was also another issue, for me to be able too tinkle i had to take off the top half of my costume  to get the bottom half off.. which mean't i would be naked...
I was like omfg this is sooo not happening...
Bronnie said okies Dee we'll undo you and drape your coat over you so no-one can see...
so they proceeded to undo everything for me.. i dropped it all down then i squatted as they draped the coat over my back ....
I sat there  and sat there and sat there.."NOTHING CAME OUT" meanwhile Trish was creating the Great lakes next too me, she was tinkling up a storm.. it just kept coming and running and running and then i realised well shit.. it was running towards me....
I had wizzy and tinkle stage fright so bad that my body locked up.. i couldn't fucking tinkle...
 Here i was.... naked on a main highway with heaps of cars swishing by and now i was about to get hit by runway pee...
I had to move... i had to escape.. so i stood up groped at my lower garments... and tried to jump backwards,, as i did.. i fell flat on my back... my shoe had caught up in the coat.. i knocked Bronnie flying she went forwards over the top of me "chest  first into the Trish Tinkle lake.... at the same time a car had stopped.. and pulled up right where we were "trying to pee"  behind the bus.. Lights on high beam..  Sami was trying to get me up and covered,  without much luck.... people were yelling i was freaking.. Bronnie was laughing, Trish was "Still peeing.. laughing like a friggin  doofus  as she was peeing ... and Bronnie chest covered in Pee... began snorting.. Bronnie was trying to get up out of the lake, and laughing so hard she couldn't do much  to move... and here I was "frozen" stiff...and naked.. like a friggin igloo in the middle of a snowstorm..
the whole bus was now at the back of the bus.. banging on the window laughing and shouting..
"the car turned out to be......... "yup.... you guessed it.. "THE BLOODY POLICE"
How the fuck was my luck...I heard a man ask what was going on to Bronnie who had now managed to get upright....she was removing the top that was pee ridden (lucky for her it was he jumper and not her main clothing.... the busdriver was now out of the bus and standing there talking to another officer "explaining"  the whole scenario..and here i was "STILL" naked trying to pull items up and grope at coats etc to get clothed.. finally i had at least covered my wizzy ... when i felt arms pull me to my feet and help cover me up "GOD BLESS DAZZA"

It was funny as hell,  and the whole time...with all this commotion and police and people on the bus etc...Trish was still peeing.. that woman just kept going and going and going.. finally she stopped pulled up her panties smiled and said ...
"well fook dun that feel better then"
she looked over at me.. then burst into her penguin clapping laugh...
Oh dee she says:...
Ya sure now how to win the lads over...
I just stood there dumbfounded...then started laughing.. i mea what more could one do?
Dazza helped us back into the bus (I still had not relieved myself ) and with a stern warning by the poilce the busdriver and all of us didnt get charged with "indecent exposure" we were let off...
The rest of the trip was agonising for me.. I had my hands tucked tween my legs holding onto my wizzy "like a guy does his penis whenever women mention knives and sex in the same sentence..."desperately trying to stop my body from wetting myself...
But let me tell ya when that Bus finally stopped at macdonalds i spent a good 10 minutes in their loo.. tinkling up another great lake or two...and nothing.. absolutely nothing was gonna stop its flow....I so felt how Trish did... back at the bus stoppage...nothing was gonna stop her tinkle either.. and nothing did ..not even me sprawled out naked on the side of the road...(lmfao)
God it felt good....
This had been one of the funniest experiences we had happen to us "as a group"
From the condom tossing to the Great Lake.. To the Police catching then warning us..
To Me naked on my back on the side of a major freeway... ( what a diva moment)
can I just say...."Adventure and then some"!
I kept a souvenior from this trek..
the somewhat crushed and a little soggy "cones" that had once adorned my madonna costume.. LOL"

Love Ya................................Mean It

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I Say....You Think..... Wk 56

  1. Hollywood::  Fake
  2. Censor::  Ship
  3. Nascar::  Go Bobby.. weeeeeeee
  4. Lube::  Me Up
  5. Mortgage::  Blood Sucking
  6. Freedom::  Of Choice
  7. Champion::  Go Bobbby.. weeeeeeee
  8. Reality TV::  Survivor
  9. New York::  Subway Murder
  10. Tease::  Me

Brought to you by the conciously creative mind of  "Subliminal Luna-nina"
at "Unconcious Mutterings"

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Happy Birthday mini Jsg/Sham

Happy Birthday my loved Jsg's wee one..

I wish him all the love and happiness on his special day..

Fancy dressed as Bob The Builder
For his Big Birthday...
With his lil Pal Pilchard..

~Jsg's Wonder Child~


click to view  new window and right click to save
Muahhzz to the big 3 year old...
Love Dee xoxoxox

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Feb 28, 2004
For One Sadclown to Cheer him UP

hehhe. Saddie ...
"i was playing and i made u a prezzie"

hope you like  him...




click on him then
right click to save him from the new window..

Love Ya..................................Mean It

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Feb 27, 2004
Happy Birthday Sham

It was Shamrock (Jsg's Hubbies) Birthday yesterday although I've been busy busy..
I made him a little giftee... 
Now because I really don't know Sham well I wasn't sure what  exactly he liked,
but i figured with the name "shamrock" he probably liked green and
maybe just maybe was irish decent or into irish things...
So I made him a leprechaun mascot for his "
So Sham Happy Birthday, i hope you had a great day
and enjoyed your family and cake..
Dee xoxox

I hope you like him..


to save him just click to open a new window
and right click to save him from there..

His name is pronounced "shay-muss"
and very Irish...

base by

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