Dec 3, 2003
Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I am Aidan and I am 4 years Old. I live in the state of Florida in the United States Of America.
I am a special needs kid and I had a really bad year.
Not because I was naughty but because I was very sick from March until August and in May they had to give me surgery, but I never got the surgery until August because of complications.
My surgery was postponed because I have a blood disorder and no-one knew about it, they had to find out what it was before they could operate.

I was still sick and no-one could fix me and make me well until they knew all my illness's.
So after months and months of testing and being put through horrible ordeal after ordeal until they found out I have Von Willebrands Disease.
They operated on me and although I didn't have a speedy recovery and some minor things went wrong during and after surgery, I am now much better.
I also have DSI (Sensory Integration Dysfunction. ) so getting any kind of blood taken or needles is like having a drill bit put through my bone.
Just brushing my hair or cutting it is like having hat pins stuck into my skull and very painful.
I was diagnosed as a special needs child when I was about 3 and couldn't talk but, I can talk now though Santa.
I have worked very hard with my Speech Therapist to be able too.
I couldn't do a lot of the skills other kids my age could like,
jumping or running or holding a pencil or even a spoon, but I can do that now as well Santa.
I have worked very hard in the last year to try and catch up to my peers and be able to have more fun like any other kid does.
I am such a happy little boy and love my family very much.

I wish I could have these things for Christmas.........
I don't ask for much and I hope you can bring me the few things I really would like.

My Christmas Wish List


The first thing I want for Christmas is:
for the kids in my neighbourhood to be nicer too me
and want to play with me, as much as I do them.
I know I am not like them and I am slower at doing things,
I can't ride a bike very well and I am still learning too run,
But, I like playing with other kids even if they are mean to me.


The second is:
for my dog molly to not escape and run from my dad and mom,
they have a hard time catching her, because she runs so very very fast.


The third is:
a swing set in my backyard,
I know because we have no fencing that this is a hard gift to get
but I'd like one even though I know why I can't have it.


The Fourth is
, The Forest Set of Imaginext that goes with my castles,
I love Imaginext and have most of the castle and pirate series.


The Fifth is:
Veggie Tales, (i have the jonah one only), YugiOh and Pokeman videos,
I don't care which ones I have none of them yet but I sure like them.


The sixth is:
Silly Baseball and Silly Six Pins they are funny games.


The Seventh is:
a teaball set with a stick to put a ball on, a bat and a ball
its good fun but most importantly as I have such weak and
under developed muscles it helps strengthen my stomach and arms.


The Eighth is:
"superman or batman socks, i think my spiderman ones need friends.


The nineth is:
that I get better and catch up to my friends
so my mom and dad don't have to worry as much about me.


Last But not least:
A weighted Lap turtle so when I do things
at my table it helps me feel calm it's a therapy tool I like a lot!

Thank you Santa,
And Guess what?
My moms making you special Australian Biscuits (cookies) this year called Anzacs,
She brings Australian recipes into our kitchen a lot, I think she feels closer to her home that way.

I love you Santa and thanks for the candy and hug you gave me in the mall last week.

P.S. (My dad helped me write this so please forgive him if you see any spelling mistakes.)

Aidan Patrick Walsh

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Dec 2, 2003
24 Days To Go!

*~24 days Until Christmas~*

Today was pleasant for me, I twiddled in psp and made some brushes per request for an advent calendar. That was fun in itself.. i then twiddled with Bd Insanity and screwed up the layout trying to be code savvy! Oh well its fixered for the most part...
I then steam cleaned all our carpets with my trusty Hoover and waxed everything poking out that was wood or a good fake of wood...
I loved the mixture of Orange Citrus Carpet cleaner and Citrus lemon wood polish in the house it made everything so fresh and airy...
at around 530pm i lit every candle in the house and placed them in the living room and dining room, i thought i would surprise my hubby and son  who arrived home around 6pm.. something special for the special men in my life.. My hubby was grinning from ear to ear and  my son was in absolute awe, (we have about 200 candles) all scented...
the smells were so yummy and the house was sooo beautiful, my son then couldn't help but run around blowing out all them lil flames, he was giggling and excited  and just having a fabulous time...
I guess my hubby and I were on the same wave length he spoilt me with some beautiful Ghiradelli chocoltaes in this gorgeous gold chrissy box, you lift the lid off and it flowers out.. so pretty.. So I am indulging myself tonight courtesy of him.."bless them both" ...Lifes wonderful!

Okay now onto the good stuff.....

Chrissy Quote:
The Greatest good of every giving is »»
" When the giver is the gift. "

George Macdonald

Chrissy Factoid:
~History Of The Christmas Tree~
The Christmas Tree originated in Germany in the sixteenth century.
It was common for the German people to decorate fir trees both inside and outside, with such things like roses, leaves, other flowers, apples and coloured paper.
It is also believed that Martin Luther the Protestant reformer was the first to light a
Christmas Tree with candles.
While coming home one winters night near Christmas, Luther was struck with the beauty of the starlight shining through the branches of a small fir tree outside his home.
He  then duplicated the starlight by using candles attached to branches of his indoor christmas tree and thats how we started the tradition of using Christmas Lights on our trees...

Chrissy Tale:
~Light Up the Outside World.~
In the early 1900's a young Denver boy who was sick asked his father to put lights on the big evergreen just outside his window. The boys father who operated an electrical business did as his son requested and strung coloured lights on the evergreen.
His son watched them sparkle like emeralds and rubies against their whitemantle of snow.
In horse drawn carriages and chugging automobiles, people came for miles around to just admire the tree.
The next year neighbours joined in the outdoor tree trimming.
It wasn't long before the lighted Christmas tree spread from home to home and became a holiday tradition.
Today in city parks along highways on dark and snow drifted lawns alike lighted living trees remind millions the world over of the birth of christ!

Chrissy Cooking:
This ones for those who make things like cookies etc.. for boxes, baskets and tins as small gifts for chrissy...

~Eggnog Gift Fudge~

What You need
3/4 a cup of prepared eggnog
2 tablespoons of light corn syrup
2 table spoons of butter or margarine
2 cups of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla or extract
1 candy thermometer
1 cup of boling water
1 pastry brush
1  large heatproof bowl
1 knife for scoring.

Butter an 8 x 8 inch pan
and also lightly butter the inside of a heavy medium saucepan.

Step One
Combine first 4 ingredients in the prepared saucepan.
Cook over medium heat stirring constantly also using pastry brush and boling water to wipe down the sides to remove the sugar crystals.. stir and heat and until mixture comes to a boil

Step Two
Add candy thermometer to saucepan.
Continue to cook until mixture reaches 238 degrees F ( soft ball stage )

Step Three
Pour into large heatproof bowl
and allow to cool until lukewarm. (approximately 100 degrees F)

Step Four
Add vanilla and beat with a Mixer until thick.
Spread into prepared pan and then score the fudge  into 36 squares with a knife.
Refrigerate until cold and firm.

Step Five
remove fudge from fridge and cut into squares.
Wrap each one in plastic wrap and then deocrate with cellophane or coloured paper and ribbon.
You can then add to baskets or tins and give to teachers or co- employees etc... for Christmas..
This recipe doesn't cost much to make and tastes scrumptious!



This has been another look into my spirity Chrissy mind.................... toodles off singing little drummer boy in moopie-bum0-loobah-mopstilkle tongues...


Wait you cry!!!!
wtf is moopie-bum0-loobah-mopstilkle tongues?

Only an insane person would even dream of typing such a thing on a blog...
The little blue boy in the corner assures me that "moopie-bum0-loobah-mopstilkle tongues" are not real, do not exist  and I'll be hearing from his attourney  for fake advertising any day...

Love ya.................... Mean it!

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Dec 1, 2003
25 Days Of Christmas..

The trees decorated in my silver and blue theme this year looking all sparkley and  so prettty..
The  Chrissy village is up and  the manger too..
the house has been transformed into  Chrissy spirit heaven..
the outside lights glitter sweetly at night........
Chrissy is nearly upon us and its MY favourite time of year...
I'm so excited.. and relish every bauble, piece of wrapping and the memories of that morning as we are enchanted by our sons amazement and facial expressions as he unwraps his mountain of pressies..
We donate to the Toys R Us tree for  less fortunate children and also give to the  Family Christan Store Charities,  this year we bought a James Fund Bear as a donation... Its precious.
We also go to church Christmas Eve and I adore that
and occasionally if the Weathers good we go carolling..
The Christmas Parade here is wonderful and the firworks are spectacular, we never miss it..
And my sons Christmas School Pagent and Church Service is on the 12th.. I am waiting with baited breath for that too...I love feeling this happy... and chirpy  so i wanted to share in some of my joy and spirit with you all here..."My 25 days of Chrissy Spirit

I will post a small thought/recipe/tip/story etc, thats Christmassy every day now til Christmas...
I hope you enjoy them, find some things useful or you can even be all bored and hypocritical..
I don't care really LOL..

The Chrissy Spirit gives me life and I have fun doing this...

~*~ Dee's 25 Days Of Christmas~*~

Chrissy Quote:

The Best Christmas Gift Of All.....
Is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another!

Chrissy Tale:

...The legend of the Poinsettia...
The Mexican legend tells of a girl who had no gift to give the Christ Child at the Christmas Eve
service in their church.
Watching others bring their gifts her heart was filled with sadness until a strange visitor, said to be perhaps an angel told her that even the most humble if given in love is an excellant gift.
The poor girl gathered some green weeds and laid them by the manger, Suddenly the bouquet of weeds burst into blooms of brilliant red in what was believed to be a Christmas miracle.

From that time on, the  green leaves of the poinsettia turn bright red every year during the Christmas season as a gift to the son of god.

Chrissy Factoid:

Did You know....
Saint Nicholas was a fourth century bishop in
the land of Myra, located in what is now Turkey.
He was a patron saint of children as well as sailors, because he would secretly deliver money or presents to the poor and also was a credited with calming the raging sea.

Chrissy Cooking:
Bake mini loaves of bread to share with friends and neighbours as a reminder of Ruths generosity too Naomi when she gleaned wheat for bread.

~Apple Sauce Nut Bread~

You will need:

1 cup of sugar
1 cup of applesauce
1/4 cup of vegetable oil
2 eggs
3 tablespoons of Milk
2 cups of flour
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
1tsp soda
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/2 cup chopped mixed nuts

Preheat Oven too 350 degrees
and grease and flour bread pans ready for baking:

Step One
Mix sugar and wet ingredients until well blended.

Step Two
Mix Dry ingredients sperately then add to the blended wet ingredients and mix together well.

Step Three
Stir in nuts.

Step Four
Pour batter into  greased/floured pans and  bake at 350 for 25 - 30 min or until a toothpick is inserted into the center and comes out clean.

Step Five
Remove from oven and allow too cool on wire rack before cutting or gift wrapping

Recipe Makes  3  mini loaves of bread or 1 large loaf.

Okay thats it for my first day of Chrissy.... weeeeee"is so into the spirit"

This has been a look into my Chrissy madness Side...... hehe, watch out ...I may get really excited and start tying everyone up with tinsel and hanging you all from the chimney "with care" =]...

Love Ya................. mean it!

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Nov 30, 2003
Saturdays Senses

After some  email prompting i decided to try this lil format...
If i screw up which is more likely gonna happen then not... forgive your naighbour they were probably mowing their lawn while i was typing and distracting me....

[sight]:: what was the funniest real life ordinary event you´ve ever seen? (for example: someone falling, making a fool out of themselves, etc...)

Oooo this had to be when i was visiting my  friend julzie in Illinois and we traversed over to St Louis in Missouri to catch up with some online buddies and do a little clubbing etc down on the river front..
A group of guys "6 of em.. were walking across the road from us ,we were waiting on a horse/buggy ride to take us down to a casino ...
They started wolf whistling etc..... yanno the USUAL drunkard horny men stuff...
Anyways i yelled out too them and undid my jeans zipper and made out i was gonna pullem down and give them a flashy foopar!..
well one of them was mezmerised... screaming yess baby do it !!! give my dick a work out.. etc etc ..
"the usual crass crap some drunk men display as soon as they think they gonna get a view of a naughty bit"
Anyhow he was so hell bent on not missing me flash (that never happened) he ran head first into a huge light pole  and knocked himself clean out.. i was laughing so hard i ended up on the ground  holding my knees to my chin because i was in such pain (from laughing) my cheeks hurt for hours...
The bad thing was even when the ambulance came and got him, i was still in stitches." it made my fucking night let me tell ya" ..........hahahaha!!(still laughing)

[taste]:: Have you ever mistakenly eaten something thinking it was something else? (for example: soap, dog food, etc...)
This is easy peasy... the first time someone ever gave me a peanut butter reese cup.. i took one bite and spat it straight back out.. it was the most disgusting thing i had ever tasted...( we so do not eat peanut butter in our choccy at home).. blekkkkk!!!!

[smell]:: you know what this question is about, right? ;-) What´s the most embarrassing situation you´ve been through/in involving... farting? Could be yourself or someone else and you just happened to be there to witness the unfortunate moment. ;-)
Lol i farted when i gave birth to my son..right when teh doctors face was down their viewing the head.... it was a rip snorter too!
 i was terribly embarassed about it... "thats the only time i've ever cared about farting"

[touch]:: What do you do if you are in public and feel an urgent need to itch your foot, or butt or any other places you´d rather not scratch in public?
Lol butt is a tough one and i fight the urge if it happens...(especially if u have hungry arse syndrome) You can fight it off "mind over matter" or  ya can cram ya hand down there when you get back to your car looking all awkward and shit too passers by...(thats funny enough in itself watching their faces make faces as they saw yours and you in some whacked out posi trying to pull ya knickers out ya arse.....)
if its really bad... I find a public dunny!
Feet, i just take my shoes off and scratch away LOL..i have clean, cute feet  i don't get foot odour , as most of my shoes are open this doesn't worry me, however i'd never do it at a resturaunt... food n feet don't really mix unless you have no arms and you actually use your feet to eat with.. then i suspect that would be different..
your into foot and food fetish's and sexual............................."stops" ok ;.............we won't go there!
(promised myself i would keep this clean!)

[hearing]:: If you´re in a public restroom and you hear funny bodily noises coming from a booth, do you feel like laughing? Do you have a story to share about this?
Lmao... I remember as kids we'd  always hit the electric blowers before we wizzied.. that way no-one could hear us, just in case we had a long loud waterfall wizzy..
I've never done a #2 in public, "is a saver".... i save them for a good book, great air feshner and comfy surroudings.."example" erp "home"
I have however laughed terribly at some lady making "space invader" noises with her arse.. too the point that me and my girfriend started snorting at them noises..
It tuned out to be a lil old lady with a whole lotta curried food bowel issues lmao.... "poor old gran!"..
She was terribly embarassed and made a HUGE point to tell us her are was burning and on fire
She noted that she thought she also had other arse "i ate curry last night" issues...(we didn't ask what)

Another time we started laughing our arses off was when we were in a dunny at a club and we heard all this moaning n groaning turned out too be two chickadees getting it on together.. LOL I kept saying to my best friend.. dang trish why dun you come into the toilet and make me feel that way..
It became a standard joke for awhile between us and friends..
We'd be out at the pub with big group of friends  and "strangers eaves dropping" as they always did coz we are a fun bunch of peeps...
It would go something  like:
Dee>> i needa wizzy.. Hey trish bring your tongue with me..we can do the "lesbian dunny dunk" and get off together and make other chikkas wait for the loo(with their legs crossed, skipping trying to not wet emselves)....
Trish>> only if i can wipe you first, and you promise to call me Gene and scream "FASTER GENE.... YES (ala.. gene simmons "the kiss tongue")  while i'm down there!
Our Friends >> would all laugh like doiks...( half the men would get a groin tickle and start fantasizing and shit) to the point they may even add... I'm allowed to come too right?? or something lame...
And both of us: We are now cackling like witches, 
"mainly because we know we are full of shit, but those pricks behnd us listening>>> all ears..... hahaha "they dunno shit!
Its always fun knowing strangers are looking on  and are thinking the absolute worst of us or thinking  they wish they were invited LOL...

hahaha loved these topics......

This has been another snippety snip, toot toot, look into my unsavory, shimmy shimmy "yes i did that" mind............... if you don't wanna hear my sordid tales of  former hopelessness.. then tune into a diffy radio station!

Love ya................................................mean It

Saturday Senses

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I flashed the Electricians.......So What!

Okay so a new dear person i've met online recently who is adorable, funny(humourous), too the point and the perfect BITCH..(and trust me "perfect bitchdom" is hard to achieve as we have to practise obessessively at this grand skill)
anyhoot.. that person is JustSomeGirl ...
She posted her fabo Pool Guy Story which had my stomache hurtin while i was laughin at her entry.
yet it brang back some wonderful (i guess for some) memories of incidents similar to hers.
Some i have never lived down others i still find hysterical to this day.

Ok I decided to share  this one with JustSomeGirl and well anyone else silly enough to have nothing much to do but read my lil chinwagg sessions...

Sets the Picture:
I was approxiamately 7 months Pregnant, we were living in Spotsylvania Va, at the time and we had a temporary male houseguest (  Brian - a good friend of my husbands) living with us (he moved out about 2 months later).
Brian normally came home around 5pm every evening from work, and my husband arrived shortly after he did..
We usually ate together or dined out together unless Brian had made other plans and we all were always invited to the same parties, dinners, weddings, birthdays, christmas's etc as they both were in the same circle of friends since college.
So we did know each other well and socialised alot together, it wasn;t unusual for Brian to be around us..
We owned a 2 storey house  the downstairs was a huge family room, utility room full bath, half kitchen (it had a fridge, sink, pantry, cupboards, bar area) a master bedroom and a small room we used for storing hunting, sports equipment,  the gym etc. Brian pretty uch had the run of downstairs we only shared gym area and utility with him...
Upstairs had a master bedroom with ensuite, full bath, 2 bedrooms, dining room , Living room, Kitchen with breakfast nook. The stairs came up from the front doorway and you looked directly through the kitchen door as you walked to the right was the living room and the dinning room was nestled to the right of the kitchen and at the rear of the house.. the dinning and living were open planned the kitchen had two entries one off the dinning and one off the top of the stairs as you hit the landing/hallway/living entry..
See Map"

My Old House Interior Layout

Okay so no laughing at the little map i rushed and drew in Psp so you could picture this post clearly in your mind....
Back to the story:

I was having a shower and just about to shut off the water when the phone rang, so i grabbed my towel wrapped up what i could (the belly at this stage was unwrappable)  and dashed too the phone in an over eager penguin thinking hes gonna get laid fashion!
it was my friend kat who could talk the arse off a camel and then realise the camel was missing his arse and tell ya how to go about puttin it back on in 100,000 words or more...
So it was gonna be a good 45 min call at least!
I was wiping myself dry as she talked standing in the kitchen right near the doorway, where the phone was on a counter top i decided in my own wisdom that i was dry but my hair (which was waist length and thick) was dripping everywhere so i said hang on kat i wrapped my towel around the hair and continued to talk to her standing nakie in the kitchen.. After all who could possibly see me there "it was my house, my kitchen and my walls right????

Chatting away in our world....all of a sudden  i heard a noise i peered around the corner of the kitchen door and there was brian pulling his keys out of the lock and here was me...Naked in the kitchen on the phone.. I had to think Quick because i knew the first place he was heading was the kitchen to A- Grab his mail i always brought in and B- grab a drink out of the fridge (the usual routine)... i stared at the clock.. WTF the bastard was home 3 hours early.. how bloody rood!
I dashed into the dining room and as i did my towel fell to the floor in the kitchen i had to leave it, retrieval time was not an option at this point.. here i was now hovering against the wall  in the dinning room near the french doors...whispering on the phone as his footsteps traversed up the stairway then i saw the mail...SHITTTT... it was on the dining room table right the hell in front of me.. i was stuck....I was gonna get caught ..UGHHHHH! think fast, think fast...
Kat was laughing saying just do a midnight streak up the hallway .. i was like OMFG NOOOO.. then I saw the french doors leading out onto the deck.. I said to her, he only stays up here like 30 seconds, takes his mail n drink down stairs changes out of his work clothes  etc.. i'm gonna hide on the deck...
so i dash out the deck doors just as i see his face peer out of the doorway into the dining room to ovbiously see if the mail was there.. I had timed it perfectly.. I was leaning against the wall right near the doors inwardly laughing totally out of breath and kat was laughing too, sayin wait til Clay comes home and I tell him about this... and i was thinking and saying hahaha.. i foiled him... i got away with it....
Then i heard machinery and banging type noises...
I turned around and looked up and OMFG right next door was 5 "YES" five of them.. Electricity men fixing power lines on the neighbours house... all staring at me.. OMFG i was about gonna die.. I'm like kattttttttttt omfg this is NOT happening.. omg, omg.... I reached for the doorhandle and  realised our friggin french doors were self locking YOU CANT UNLOCK them from the outside unless you click the lil unlock trigger thingy inside .. not only were 5 men now getting an eyefull but i was bloody locked out here....I crouched down as best i could so they couldn't see "as much" but realistically they were perched higher then me and had seen it ALL now anyways...
Kat was hysterical on the phone trying to give me ideas, shes like use the basement door n sneak up... run around the front hiding tween your hedges and sneak in the front door.. i was flabbergasted and getting all sorts of shouts from these men watching me.. i finally gave in and said hang on i'm gonna hang up and call Brians Cell LOL...
she started dying and laughing more and said ok, BUT  i'm callin u right back..
So i dialed Brians cell and said hey Bri ....its Dee...
Hes like hey woman whats up? are we all still on for tonight.. and hey your not Home I just realised  "male type giggle" .. I'm like Shutup Brian this isn't a social call i neeeed Help!!!!
I said Brian I'm up on the deck at the house i need a HUGE favour.. hes like your what.. I said ok its like this you came home, I was naked in the kitchen, I had nowhere to go but out on the deck and now i'm locked out here and theres men gawking and wanking over all my preggo fat...
He started Snorting with laughter.. i'm like its not fucking funny.. come and untrigger the french doors and if u DARE look i'mma kill you....
hes laughing the whole time.. i hung up and i hear him cacking his arse off as he heads up the stairs into the dining room.. i hear the latch and i shouted fuck off back downstairs!!
i swear u better...
He starts snorting again  and heads off.. I had to stand up again and this was bad, i was so friggin embarassed.. So i stood up turned towards the men.. gave them them the cutest princess wave and then was all i could do too save myself from feeling worse... I let myself in and dashed to the bedroom... I so knew I was never gonna live this shit down...
Kat called back hysterical she'd already called her husband...He actually made a 3d image on his pc of me h9vering on the deck with men waving from aroof and my image wa snaked holding a phone.. "wanker" and They always bring this incident up... still!
Brian Introduces me too people i don't know and i get ahhhhhhhh the NAKED preggo aussie, locked outside on the deck... (great rep to carry around)
And my hubby after a few hours of laughing hystericaly, he gathered himself and said "well I guess we need to buy bigger towels then?"
He happily went to work the next day and shared it with all his co-workers..So i never associated with any of them LOL!
 I guess its one of them things, but  since that incident and since we sold that house,
i've never had french doors with that stupid trigger on them and i'd never buy the dumb things again either....LOL
Its all the doors fault!  I would have foiled the world otherwise.. well except those 5 "power penis male types" hanging off wires like kookaburras waiting for their daily root!
They got lucky or in this case rather unlucky... hahahaha!

Okay thats the story... hope you got a giggle JSG

Note: Root = fuck in aussie slang =]

Love ya....................Mean it!

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Nov 29, 2003

I should write something positive and fun and stuff..but right now...
i dont feel sexy enough.
So instead i'll write nothing about anything and contemplate the ten uses of a vibrator that doesn't work
Ahhh the shock of it all...
well on that "high" note.. I'm off ot bed before the early mornign sun fairy catches me...

beep beep
this has been another look into the inner depths of my somewhat pixelised mind................If you cant make a tutorial work then make the work a tutorial.. or something like that ,.."its commmming FC"...

Love Ya................... Mean it

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Nov 28, 2003
Festive Season Pounds

Ahhh.. I'm feeling full and fat and thoroughly satisfied about it all..
My Spiral Honey Glazed Ham was delicious we had all the trimmings and then some and ended it all off with yummy Strawberry and Rhubarb pie...
I dunno call me weird but hey i think this holiday feast is somewhat better than Chrissy, less stress about stuff i think..
Christmas is my favourite Holiday because of its representation and i'm brand new too the thanksgiving holiday so i guess it being my favourite food holiday makes up for that.
Now too the other side of Thanksgiving day.....The Football....
Can i say Dissapointed?
The Football wasnt that great considering, I was a bit dissapointed with the games today..
I mainly watched the Miami Game and it ended up being kinda boring.
Oh well the weekends approaching fast for more sport appertisers, so i look forward to those..

The holiday season  usually sees yourself putting on several extra pounds and I'm now deciding whether or not I care about them this year, last year i dieted until christmas in between the holidays so i wasn't going to gain a whole bunch of excess...
i swear as you get older those excess holiday feast pounds seem to be heavier and forever lingering... I'm starting to get to the point in life where i really don't give a "moo hoo" hoot if i gain a few...
I mean after all, who am I trying to impress "next years turkey"? LOL
Mind you if hubby says i think your looking fat, i'd probably kill him.. well maybe just tell him hes a butthead and ignore him for an hour "killings a little bit harsh"

Men have that lil knack about them, its ok they don't lose excess but they prefer it, if  YOU did...
My hubby is also at the crossroads in life where he isn't too fussed if he gains a few lil extras..
and i dont care if he gains anything i love him for him "warts n all".. Although i might do that reverse pyscology thingy and tell him hes lookin a lil bit .. spare tyre-ish around the middle..." just to catch a good  facial reaction and response..."

OOOO..  makes sure i write that down so i remember to do it...

I guess we all give up on looking like Elle Mcpherson or Brad Pitt once we hit our mid 30's..
I mean at this age... i have no desire to go to the beach wearing my thong bikini, hoping every male within 2miles stares at me wishing he was single, ultra hot or just "lucky" or even if  the lifeguard thinks i'm all that and a little bit more...

If i want to get noticed in this world, i'll just do something silly in front of my son..
After all thats the ONLY person in this world, i'd want to think,  I'm all That and a bag of chips...

Ahhh the thought process of us women.. confusing as we seem its all logic really..

Happy Thanksgiving everyone I hope yours was wonderful and as Food-a-licious as mine...

This has been another look into my somewhat "feeling obese" Mind................If you don't like the Extra Virgin Olive Oil... try Grapeseed Oil,
its rather new and inviting for the palette...

Love ya.......................Mean it!

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Nov 24, 2003
Dollar Dynasty

One wonders how one can possibly spend over 70 dollars in a dollar store?
Now he who is not of  the shopping groupies should and would not know just how feasible this is.
for example.. My husband "who hasn't been told of the spending spree demise of yet" would freak and is going to freak that anyone could possibly spend so much in a store that only sells things that cost 1.00 each too buy.. obviously i bought around 70 items =]
I'm not normally a spenders fool..
I am usually extremely careful with money but today i had this sudden urge to spend a shitload of money on useless items for stocker fillers etc for christmas..
Ahhhh call me odd, call me irresponsible, but i had fun wheeling around that trolley(erp... shopping cart) in a store filled with useless rubbish...picking up things that were of no value or use to anyone really not even me and saying "to hell with it".. and buying it anyway!
I guess when its not something you would usually venture out and do it has that newbie flavour..
kind of like the first bite of really good quality chocolate, it melts in your mouth and you just cant get enough of it...
Ahh well hes home now so off i venture to tell him of the misfortunate accident that occured with the cheque book today in the dollar tree store....

This has been another look into my piggy bank of a brain "as you can tell its rather empty".... Oh well nothing a few stray penny's won't alter....

Love Ya ........................... Mean it.

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Nov 22, 2003
Eeeek... The Seasonal Mall Fiends Are Back!!!

We decided to visit the Mall today pop into Old Navy and Buy our son some much needed khaki Trousers..
Goodness What a terrible Mistake..
I was only at the mall last weekend and there was 10 cars there, about 5 shoppers and nothing much going on..
There was 200,000 cars about the same amount of shoppers and Fiends crawling out of every corner...
I have no idea where these people come from!
Its amazing isn't it, your once secluded little mall is now overflowing with
Mall Rage Stroller Controllers..
Out of Control "Purchase Bag" Swingers, 
Ankle Biters racing loose too the parental screams of {insert bratty child name here} "Get back Here before I Lose You!!!"
Eager beaver sales People shoving quantities of merchandise leaflets and try mes down your throat and my personal fav....
The "Lets park here Right in the middle of the walkway and talk Groupies!!
I mean I understand  the shopping dilemmas especially with kids strollers and the like but Sheesh.. I never ran anyone over and gave them a dirty look " The How dare you walk on the same part of the floor I was pushing my stroller,  get out of my way Look"
I was never rude to anyone, my kid was and is always firmly in my grasp, and if he even for 2 seconds thinks i'd let go of his hand in a mall full of people hes in a different world to the one i'm in..
I never swung my shopping bags too and fro bonking  and banging people  as i went.. and I've never been rude enough to stop right in the middle of any thorougfare to catch up with joe blow from the neighbourhood etc...if i've run into someone I always move aside so i don't block an aisle or thoroughfare...
I guess Christmas Shopping Season is definantly here and all the  meanie type shoppers crawl out of their little worlds at this time of the year to  throw their selfish selves upon us polite "regular shoppers" and remind us with what we've been missing since last season...
As the girl in Body and Bath said too us today when i thanked her for her service...
"Thats the first thankyou I've had all day, you made a somewhat long day seem worth it."
I smiled and said too my hubby... See we are good people, her comments made our 1 hour ordeal and experience a little bit more worth the effort too...
I figure  its only going to get worse, so i am looking at seeing if there is any protective clothing i might be able to purchase for the next 5 weeks..
perhaps some shin and ankle guards for the mall rage stroller controllers,
body armour for the bag swingers
a good set of ear muffs for the screaming parents..
and for those rude enough too stand in my way..
TOOT TOOT ..WATCH OUT.. i have all the protection i need.. and I'm coming Through!!

Perhaps i could just sit here in the luxuary of my own home and do all my shopping online...
Now theres a thought!
Good luck with your malls this year and I hope everyone has a somewhat happy shopping experience...

This has been another look into my somewhat exhausted mind.... thank goodness I wasn't in heels!

Love Ya.................Mean it!

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Nov 21, 2003
My First Five Years In The Usa

Hmmm reflection, tis a wonderful thing when you really sit down and review your life and world...
I have been in America 5 years 1month and 2 days... Today is my Fifth wedding anniversary and I feel rather satisfied, excited and happy with my life, I have had an enduring year testing my limits to their heights but i am also a true believer that God only gives you as much as he knows you can handle..
My First five years in the Usa have been a mixed bag of ups downs and amazement...
Places/States/Cities I've Been: (Listed In No Order)
New York City: The Twin Towers, Central Park, Times Square, Lower and Upper Manhattan, The Empire State Building, Yankees Resturant, NYC Subway, Grand Central Station, JFK, The Brooklyn Bridge...
Fredericksburg Va: Downtown, Clubs/Bars, Fredericksburg Battlefields, Skyline Drive...
Washington DC: The Washington Monument, The Capital, Union Square Station, The White House, J Edgar Hoover Building, Smithsonian Museum, Liberty Bell, Ronald Regan Buliding, Washington Zoo, Dulles Airport, Various Other Landmark Monuments, Statues, etc...
Arlington Va: The Pentagon, The Ins Office =]....
Baltimore: BWI Airport...
Las Vegas: LV International Airport, Monte Carlo Hotel, Bellagio Hotel, Circus Circus, MGM Grand, New York New York, Treasure Island, The Strip, The Undercover Night Light Show, Hoover Dam, Stratoshpere, Caesars Palace, Bally's Las Vegas, The Mirage, Excalibur, The Flamingo, The Riviera (where Casino was filmed), The Luxor, and The Tropicana...
Virginia Beach, Beachfront, The Chesapeake Bay Tunnel/Bridge, Norfolk Naval Base...
St Louis:  River Casino, River Front Clubs/Resturants, Giant Arch Gateway...
Tampa Bay: Downtown, Clearwater Beaches, #4 Firestation, Ybor City, Aquarium, St Petersburg, Yankee Stadium, St Pete Pier, Busch Gardens, Tampa International Airport...
Sarasota: Downtown, Beaches, Gulf Drive, The Circle...
Miami: Downtown, South Beach, Palm Beach, Everglade National Park...
Orlando: Universal, City Walk, Pleasure Island, Disney, Church Street, Downtown, Sea World, Ripleys, Fort Wilderness, Florida Mall, Orlando International Airport, Downtown Disney...
Jackson Ms: Jackson Airport, Downtown, Vicksburg, War Memorial, Ameristar, Harrahs, Rainbow Casinos, Clubs/Bars etc, Pearl...
New Orleans: Downtown, French Quarter, Clubs/Bars/Etc
Biloxi: Imperial Palace Casino, Treasure Bay Casino, The Grand Casino, Gulf Drive Beaches,
States: FL, DE, NY, PA, VA, WV, GA, NV, TX, MS, AL, AK, DC, NC, SC, IL, TN, MD, KY, MO, IN, NJ, OH, LA, Canada...
Cities: Fredericksburg, Key West, Houston, Atlanta, Savanah, Frostburg, Leesburg, Williamstown, Ashfield, Raleigh, Salem-Winston, Burlington, Fayetteville, Tallahassee, New York City, Arlington, Washington Dc, Las Vegas, Miami, Richmond, St Louis, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Tampa, St Petersburg, Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, Biloxi, Jackson, Vicksburg, Baltimore, Houston, Atlanta, Outer Banks, St Louis, Fort Myers, St Augustine, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Daytona, Orlando, Ocean City, Hagerstown, Annapolis, Myrtle Beach, Florence, Charlotte, Rocky Mount, Durham, Wilmington, Nags Head, Charlotteseville, Chesapeake, Harrisonburg, Roanoke, Fairfax, Bristol, Manassas, Salem, Morgantown, Fairmont, Allantown, Natchez, Pascagola, Laurel, Athens,
Gulf Shores, Florence, Mobile, Talladega, Lafayette, Chattanooga, Memphis, Nashville, Marion, Evansville, Springfield, Baton Rouge, Pine Buff, Osceola...

Some Things that have blown me away/ amazed me/ saddened me:
Seeing someone killed in NYC subway system less then 24 hours after arriving in the Usa..
Las vegas..everything about Vegas Blew me away..
Getting Married in Las Vegas...
Birth Of My Son...
River Boats In Ms..
Washington Dc's History..
Skyline Drive During Spring, Winter Summer and Fall...Every Season there is amazing and so different...
My sons disabilities and Illness...
Being far from home when my mum got cancer and dad had a heart attack...
Being Lost In The West Virginian mountains at Christmas 2000..
Amount of Car Accidents..
Amount of Deaths via murders, drugs etc....
Health Care System...

My experience here has been amazing up til this point, i've learnt to adapt weather wise, socially mentally and in many other aspects and every day is a new learning experience.. I made the best choice of my life when i decided to get married and stay in the Usa and i wouldn'
t trade these past five years for any of the 30 before i ventured here...I look forward too the next five, more adaption and even more learning.. the journey never looks too long!

Love Ya ..... Mean it

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